venus II

Loose Ideas

It's always nice to hear that what you have contributed to the world is being received in a positive way.

There is a real Happy Mondays flavour to your single Inside Your Sun, was there an intentional tip of the hat to the Madchester / Factory records scene of the late 80’s early 90’s?


You have been receiving some high praise from high places. When this occurs does it hammer home that the initial concept you had was a born winner and puts to rest any doubts that it was anything less than the right path to follow?

RYAN: Firstly, thank you. It’s definitely always nice to hear that what you’ve contributed to the world is being received in a positive way. I don’t think it hammers anything home as such but just consolidates and reaffirms what you’re believing in and what you feel is worthwhile investing your time. It’s also dangerous to read too much press related to your work. A healthy balance is key!

You have played in other outfits, what did you individually bring to Venus II as a collective?

JARRAD: Yeah, we’ve been in bands, and worked in other collaborations before; Eagle and the Worm, Heart People, Canyons, Dorsal Fins. I’m usually kicking around a song on a guitar or piano whereas Ryan is usually kicking around a song via production processes.

Can you explain some of your motives behind the lyrical content on this album and any significant moments in your life that shaped the course of the song writing?

JARRAD: Most of these tracks are love songs, or experiences close to the heart, they are songs written on acoustic guitar or by pitter-pattering around piano chords. There is an overarching simplicity to most of the songs.

Aside from names sake, there is quite a bit of an astronomical ethos to this project. Are there deeper, more spiritual concepts that you are tackling throughout this album as opposed to producing a purely dance driven album?

JARRAD: Most songs have a spirit. During each synodic period, Venus moves through three distinct “phases” – the Morning Star phase, an invisible or underworld phase (there are two invisible phases in each 19-month cycle), and the Evening Star phase.

The album was mixed by Chris Colonna, what did Chris bring to the table that really shines through on this LP?

RYAN: Chris is a wild energy source and we thought he’d bring out the feeling within the songs in a pretty unique way. He’s such a creative person that we had to stop him from almost remixing the whole album whilst mixing it! He’s a freak (in the best way) and this is a bit of a freak record so it all seemed to fit.

Your clip for Inside Your Sun is a psychedelic feast for the senses. Was there a clear cut vision for how you wanted this to turn out or more of a loose set of ideas that were consolidated by director Byron Spencer?

JARRAD: Loose ideas. Byron is a beautiful man with beautiful ideas and we were very lucky to work with him and Pauly (Himumimdead). It was one-day collaboration in Sydney and we got some great stuff. Watch out for this man in the coming years, he’s a super star.