from the jam

Smash The Clock

We write about personal experiences and views on international matters but I’m no politician.

Your new album Smash The Clock is out now and was a crowd funded project. It must be a great knowing that the thirst for music from Jam fans is as strong as ever?

Yes it is and the fans are part of the whole album project. Without their financial help we couldn’t have made Smash The Clock. The album reached 31 in the main chart and four in the indie chart and received great reviews, which Russ and myself are very proud of.

Recording the album in Paul Weller’s Black Barn Studio and Paul performing on several the tracks must have such a positive experience, not just musically but on a very personal level?

We were very lucky and privileged to have Paul Weller in the studio. He played on two tracks and also Paul Jones from Manfred Mann and the blues band and Wilko Johnson who we (The Jam) were greatly influenced by in the early days, it was a an honour.

In terms of writing for the album and the lyrical focus… Is it a linear process whereby the subject matter and time/place you have written material throughout your career has been an ever evolving one and what appears on Smash The Clock is a fairly accurate summary of your current world view and where you are in your life right now?

We set out to write good melodic songs as indeed we did in The Jam. We write about personal experiences and views on international matters but I’m no politician.

Having meet and worked with some many amazing artists and individuals over the years, were there any words of wisdom spoken to you that really resonated with you and altered the way you’re approached making your music?

I’m very fortunate to have met some very talented musicians. Basically I have a lot of respect for all of them and I never take anything for granted. I guess my approach to music is to be honest and believe in yourself.

And in turn, having been so instrumental to the British and global music scene, it must be an incredibly humbling feeling to constantly bear witness to your impact in bands that site you as an influence and also the legacy you have in place from what you have created and continue to create?

Of course, it a great compliment to be cited as being influenced by young upcoming acts.

Has the time spent playing in other outfits, notably Stiff Little Fingers and Casbah Club added a different dynamic that finds its way into how you play with From The Jam?

I wouldn’t say that. I just do what I do and it seemed to fit Casbah Club, Stiff Little Fingers and The Jam.

This will be only your second time touring Australia, what will you be hoping to see/do that you didn’t the first time round?

It’s actually our third. We are looking forward to coming out to Australia but obviously the long flight takes it toll so will be trying to grab as much rest as possible!

What can punters expect to hear from your upcoming shows?

A set of great songs from The Jam and indeed a couple of songs from Smash The Clock. A powerful energetic set performed with as much passion as we had all those years ago.

Thank you for your time Bruce and all the best with the tour.

It’s a pleasure