We Invented Rock 'N Roll

Most bands suck, they always have. They're boring, chickenshit, lame, derivative, worthless, bogus, lacklustre.

The explosive and wildly unpredictable Dwarves are an act like no other. Their headlining role for this year’s Cherry Rock Festival will be the must see performances of the festival.

Hi Blag and thanks for taking the time out to speak with us at Musicology

You will be headlining Cherry Rock Festival 2017, do you tend to bring a little extra madness to the stage for a festival slot or treat it as (wildly) as you would a standalone performance?

We always say, the more people the better- more fans, more music, more bands, more drunks, more schizophrenics, more deaf people, more fun! Those big stages are great for setting huge bonfires or doing target practice, too. And if the power goes out, we can all join hands and sing ‘Kumbaya’ while groping each other. Cherry Rock will be an event!

Having toured the globe for many years, has there been some surprising countries / cities who really embrace a Dwarves show that you didn’t expect such a reaction or engagement from?

We expect total love, devotion and obedience from our fans everywhere. We are the inventors of Rock & Roll after all! We also demand sex, drugs and a decent plate of food. And yes, I’ve slept with half of the girls in America under 200 lbs.

We could reminisce about the past, about how we conquered New York, Chicago, LA, Rome, Paris, Munich and even Toledo. But we’re not about the past, we are the future as well.

So, let’s talk about Perth for a minute. This is our fourth time in Australia, but our first time on the West Side. We’ve been told it’s kind of like Geelong, but with a DNA Tower. I have a pretty enormous DNA tower of my own, so I’m anxious to check out Perth’s. We’re also visiting Adelaide for the very first time. I once slept with a woman named Adelaide, but she asked me not to go into any detail about it here. Suffice it to say, when the restraining order is lifted we’ll see how things go.

Stepping way back to pre-Dwarves, what was it that you were seeing (or perhaps not seeing) in the art of live performance that helped carve out your own signature style?

Most bands suck, they always have. They’re boring, chickenshit, lame, derivative, worthless, bogus, lacklustre. In the 1980’s we stepped into that cesspool of tedium to reconfigure Rock in our image. We started as a 60’s garage band because everything sounded like Tears for Fears then. We loved the rawness of early Rock & Roll, surf bands, rockabilly, punk, it all works if you can synthesize it into something different.

Once we started playing in clubs, the 60’s thing faded away. We were always getting in fights or thrown out of clubs or banned from radio stations. Finally, we realized we were punks and we found a home. The kind of home where you get molested occasionally, but we deserved it.

Ultimately, we carved out a style so great we don’t need to brag about it, but we do anyway, just because we can. Go see us! Now!!!

Sustaining that balls to the wall attitude isn’t easy, yet Dwarves have a notoriety for the middle finger to convention. Does this unwavering trait enable Dwarves to push on through the decades and through musical trends?

Yes, it does. Most musicians start by censoring themselves right out of the gate. Rough edges get smoothed out before they have time to really fester and make anything interesting. Then bands realize they need to pay the bills and they get even more infuriating until there is nothing left but Andy Grammer records. We keep freaking out squares even as our clock ticks towards doomsday, but we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Having meet so many amazing individuals over the years and having shared the stage with so many great performers, can you recall any instances that really resonated with you and altered the way you approached your craft?

Watching HeWhoCanNotBeNamed pee from a stack of amplifiers onto an A&R guy’s head was pretty formative. Nick Oliveri driving 18 hours roundtrip to tow our van was another one. Josh Freese opened up his house to us and had his whole family sing backups. Vadge Moore received a blowjob while on the toilet. The Fresh Prince of Darkness punched an English guy so hard the balloons he was holding burst. And Hunter Down is the new guy that’s pointing the way forward.

You really see what people are made of when you play with them a long time, and whether it happens on or offstage, the best part of playing music for me is doing it with my friends the Dwarves. Don’t tell them that though, or I will have to start paying them.

The music is always the primarily focus of any band but all good bands know the value of engaging and unmistakable art work to which Dwarves have their fair share. Can you elaborate a little on the subject matter you choose and the twist you put on it?

Nudity is good!

What does the rest of 2017 have install for Dwarves and Dwarves fans alike?

Our new record Take Back the Night is due out at the end of the year on Burger Records. Before that, Fat Wreck is putting out an EP. Lots of touring and debauchery are sure to follow!

Thanks for your time.

Thank you! And send all the heads to www.thedwarves.com for cool pics and sick stuff from the sordid history of the Dwarves!